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Interesting piece by Rene Carroll – highlighting the difference between leadership and management – and why perhaps Romney is falling short of expectations in the Republican race. In Rene’s mind – Mitt is the perfect manager – but NOT perceived to be the perfect leader – and certainly not in these times we find ourselves.

On Romney – “He is the perfect model for a ‘leader’ in the good times”

  • No one’s enemy, but also no-one’s ‘heart throb’
  • An inherent ability to ‘go with the flow’ –┬ábut therefore not standing for anything concrete for the masses to vote against
  • All strategy and process, no emotional connection or provocative ‘promised land’ dreaming
  • A competent debater and communicator with little passion or enthusiasm.
  • Everyone understands, but few get fired up or negatively worked up
  • Not many are reviled, but few get ‘turned on’
  • Brilliant at knocking down his opponents
  • His approach is all about ‘not losing’ – but – the election needs to WON

Managers focus on NOT losing, and leaders focus on winning.

The Republican’s need a candidate that:

  • Is significantly more credible than Obama
  • Has an inspired and sparkling view of the future
  • Can connect and engage with both blue collar and white collar Americans
  • Can communicate effectively and passionately
  • Can bring together the extremes of the Republican party
  • Can raise significant funds
  • Doesn’t instantly alienate the significant groups who would not usually vote Republican

All these attributes would be very helpful, but the stand-out winning qualities are always:

  • An unshakeable belief in their ability to lead change and win
  • A bold and consistent message
  • An ability to connect with and touch the masses
  • Sort the economy

via The Race to the White House.