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This over the coconut site from London today – a friend’s thoughts – but it struck a chord ::


I am sure this is not an original thought and it must be going on a lot, so my question is, how come no on is doing anything about this…

The phone call went something along the lines of…

THEM : Hello…  Hello, Mr Gxxxxxxx ?

ME : Yes.

THEM : This is [my phone/broadband service supplier], I would like to introduce some new services that will save you money, do you have a few minutes?

ME : How many minutes?

THEM : No more than 5, sir.

ME : OK, I have 5 minutes.

THEM : Thank you.  Before we start, I need to go through a few security questions with you so that I can access your account.  Is that alright?

ME : Well, actually how do I know you are from [the company] …….

…..the conversation goes back and forth.

Basically, I can be sure they are them by calling them on the number they give me to call them back on !!

It is great that they want to know that it is me they are talking to  but they do have my number.
The real question is – when on earth are they going to introduce a reciprocal security process??  I don’t talk to these people, I have no idea who they are and I would be giving my security details out to an unidentified caller…