Further to some of my tweets yesterday -

“Either Mr Lynch has a very poor memory or he’s lying,” Oracle said in a statement. “‘Some bank’ did not just happen to come to Oracle with Autonomy ‘on a list.’ The truth is that Mr Lynch came to Oracle, along with his investment banker, Frank Quattrone, and met with Oracle’s head of M&A, Douglas Kehring and Oracle President Mark Hurd at 11am on April 1, 2011.”


“We have put Mike Lynch’s PowerPoint slide sales-pitch up on the Oracle website with the hope Mike Lynch will recognize his slides, his memory will be restored, and he will recall what he and Frank Quattrone discussed during their visit to Oracle last April,” the statement read. “Yesterday, the Autonomy CEO did not remember having any meeting with Oracle. Today, he remembers the April meeting and inaccurately describes how it came about and what was discussed. Tomorrow, he will need to explain his slides.”

Nice to see the ‘old Oracle’ back 🙂


Click through to read the full article as Oracle publishes Autonomy ‘shopping’ slides


Dear Alexia, As promised, here are a list of twenty-five things my new company won’t be doing…

  1. Creating a rival to TechCrunch
  2. Any other kind of blogging

  3. Last minute hotel deals

  4. Creating any kind of social network for xxxx

  5. Giving a shit about your social graph

  6. Printing books

  7. Any other kind of gamification

  8. A browser plugin that explains to blog readers why something “is news”

  9. Anything that helps “brands” do anything with “social media”

  10. ContentFarmville: (“social gaming + seo = profit!”)

  11. Building a robot army to kill anonymous commenters

  12. Developing a better Barbiecam

  13. Adding soundtracks to crossword puzzles

  14. Publishing a newspaper

  15. Creating a crowdsourced database of Julian Assange’s hypocrisies

  16. “I, Mac” – A gourmet Mac and Cheese franchise for hipsters

  17. Selling fancy pens

  18. Selling shitty pens

  19. Badges

  20. Airbnb for nap pods

  21. A microblog platform for public resignations

  22. Potterless: a virtual community for grown-ups who hate Harry Potter

  23. Wifi on planes (note: this may already exist)

  24. Dogs with tiny hats

  25. Quora

A List Of Things Paul Carr’s New Startup Isn’t – and related doodlings on TechCrunch

            <blockquote>If you, or your company, still think of social media as optional, or just “not for our customers,” you should read this new Nielsen survey. It found:

Nearly 80% of online Americans are now using social media (blogs, Twitter, and social networking sites)
Over 140 million Americans visit Facebook every month
Boomers are driving the growth of social networking on mobile devices

Given this tremendously wide adoption, all organizations, large or small, need to make social media an essential part of their marketing and communications plan. But the question is, how?
Read the full article : New Rules for Business in the Social Media Age

            Talking to a friend on Friday night - and wanted to capture a thought she had :::

“The people who have the knowledge, dont know how to sell it and those that want it (or need it), don’t know how to buy it.”

So – What is required is an honest broker.

Why ?

Because those seeking the knowledge are more often than not – not actually seeking the right knowledge. With problem solving there is usually more than one route.

As friend and colleague would have it “We need to avoid solving the wrong problem really well”