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Jack Dorsey was once asked who he thought the ideal Twitter user was and his response was Shaq. Why? Because he'€™s engaged, it'€™s him, and he believes in community. His mantra for social media is 60% to make you laugh, 30% to inspire you and 10% to let you know about this product<

Love this quote … Extracted from a Brian Solis post ….

Click through and have a read – as good as ever.

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John Philpin

I deliver a three tiered service centered on customer engagement and experience, specifically focused on understanding people. Prior Experience includes Citibank (online strategy), Oracle (customer engagement) GE (marketing systems) ... through to 'technology start-ups', strategic consulting and government working at global levels - either in or for the CXO Suite. My passion is the 'customer' and no matter my focus it is always with an eye on answering the question ... "so .... what about your customer".

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