Putting The ‘Fun’ into Fundraising

Duct tape a teacher to the wall for ‘Kids Against Hunger’.(*)

Steve Ballmer has a lot of money, You know that because he spent 2 billion dollars a couple of years ago to buy the LA Clippers. How much does he get involved in the day to day business of the Clippers? Not too much.

Malcolm Glazer bought Manchester United in 2003. United has for many years held the title of the world’s most valuable sports franchise. Today that valuation sits at around 2.25 billion dollars. That is nearly half a billion more than the number 2 on that table and yes, more valuable than The LA Dodgers, The Cowboys, The Patriots, The Giants and any other team that you might think should be worth more than a little soccer club in the UK.

How much does the Glazer family (Malcolm no longer walks on planet Earth) or Steve Ballmer affect the brand valuation of their respective teams? Close to zero. Continue reading “Putting The ‘Fun’ into Fundraising”

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Lest You Forget

This particular stream of thought is transitioning to bigger thought pieces. If you are interested in those pithy one liners that used to hang around in this space – they are sitting in a new place – my river, which I do actually keep embedded on Beyond Bridges here.

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The Master Plan

Elon Musk 2016 … (my bold)

The first master plan that I wrote 10 years ago is now in the final stages of completion. It wasn’t all that complicated and basically consisted of:

  1. Create a low volume car, which would necessarily be expensive
  2. Use that money to develop a medium volume car at a lower price
  3. Use that money to create an affordable, high volume car
  4. Provide solar power. No kidding, this has literally been on our website for 10 years.

That link is his post from August 2nd 2006.

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American English

Once more I am struck by the continual re-arranging of perfectly good English vocabulary in America.

Seems that David Cameron hummed a short tune as he entered 10 Downing Street after a short announcement concerning Theresa May.

NPR duly reported it and the flurry of musical nerdery – all over the world apparently. But it was this that caught my eye.

Britishism alert: Ross uses the word “crotchet” for “quarter note.”

Continue reading “American English”

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Thomas Dewar on Tim Kaine

Thanks to Dave Winer, who wrote:

Thanks to Joan Walsh, I read this piece by Thomas Dewar on Facebook, and felt strongly this point of view should be more widely circulated. He said it’s okay to cross-post, so here goes. DW

In the spirit of full credit and widely circulating … please read on. Continue reading “Thomas Dewar on Tim Kaine”

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What Was He Thinking?

king-1024x581I just have to link to this and share it … no comment – other than sheer sickness. Sorry. The video is all there …..

Police Officer Body-Slams Black Teacher, Then Tells Her Black People Have More ‘Violent Tendencies’

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