Apple Is Doomed … Again !

Add Jason Calacancis to the legions that quite simply don’t get Apple. I am sure Jason know’s a lot about a lot. He is definitely way more famous than I am … and probably richer … so he must know what he is talking about …. right? Sorry, on this occasion – I disagree.

He published this on LinkedIN today detailing the six reasons why ‘smart folks’ are worried about apple. Continue reading “Apple Is Doomed … Again !”

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I know scams continue because people still … STILL … fall for it … but really – even ones like these ? Continue reading “Scamming”

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Steven Wilson Talks Streaming

It makes one wonder whether artists like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd would really be successful in this day and age because you really need to sit down and listen to those records more than I think most of us are prepared to do in 2016.

Source: Steven Wilson talks streaming

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What’s ‘In’ A Joke?

This popped through my feed today … quite funny – but it did make me think.
glassThe joke could have been even funnier (well I think so) by not changing the flow from ‘is’ to ‘contains’. Then we could have had; Continue reading “What’s ‘In’ A Joke?”

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An English Poem

I just found this on one of my hard drive, and thought I would share. It is one of those ditties that highlights the wonderful vagaries of the english language. Continue reading “An English Poem”

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Avoid Café Rouge In Berkeley

Maybe I was having a bad day – but it all felt good. And certainly not as bad as the poor waitress over at Café Rouge in Berkeley.


Between my meetings I had some time to kill and found myself on Fourth Street. Decided that a small glass of wine was in order.

Observation – I used my phone to check out what wireless was around and lo – 3 wireless networks in Café Rouge. Count me in.

I entered and was seated and the waitress came over and gave me a menu. Continue reading “Avoid Café Rouge In Berkeley”

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The City of Oakland is Running a Scam

Happened to be over in the Oakland / Berkeley area yesterday and needed to park to meet a friend near Jack London Square.

IMG_3246… and of course I was faced with the inevitable parking meter. I am used to keeping my quarters in the cup holder – and so fully prepared.

<<< This is the meter.

Truly a gorgeous day, bright, bright sunlight making the LCD screen very hard to read. NO matter, I know how a meter works – I dumped 8 quarters into the slot. Continue reading “The City of Oakland is Running a Scam”

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