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Picking Sides

So it is clear which side Yahoo is on. From their business POV it makes total sense. I wonder if Google will follow suit? And when they do, what the free users of those services will do in turn.

  • Move ?
  • Accept It ?
  • Demand A Paid For Service From The Provider ?

The company says it’s not policy to do this — yet — but they’re testing locking Yahoo Mail users out of their accounts unless they turn off ad-blocking.

[ Source : Boing Boing ]

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First World Problems

There are plenty of places to go to get help on Apple issues – and this blog is not one of them. BUT, ever since I upgraded to ‘El Capitan’, the VIP function in Mail just hasn’t worked. Until today. I found the help on ‘Stack Exchange’.

In summary …

1] Select a single VIP Mailbox
2] Go to View then Sort Select All Mailboxes
3] Go to the main VIP Mailbox and all should appear

Spoiler alert … they did!

It boils down to the old ‘switch off. switch it on again’ help desk advice – except this is even more weird. Still – it works. But why?


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Keep The Keyhole Clean

Yet another wonderful post from Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings. And as you read the article, consider how long ago this was written and then ask yourself ‘do we ever learn anything’?

Life is as infinitely great and profound as the immensity of the stars above us. One can only look at it through the narrow keyhole of one’s personal existence. But through it one perceives more than one can see. So above all one must keep the keyhole clean.

[ Source : Brain Pickings ]

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5 4 3 2 1

No, not the song, but a rather excellent post from another ‘Mann’ – my good friend Jeff Weinberger over at MENG – the Marketing Executives Networking Group.



One thing most CMOs seem to agree on is that the availability of data and the ability to process it into information have dramatically shifted the role and effectiveness of marketing in an organization. This data-centric approach to marketing has had several very positive effects on the function, including:

  • Increased accountability of marketing within an organization.
  • Increased effectiveness of programs with better targeting and knowledge of outcomes.
  • Better understanding of the contribution of marketing, resulting in more powerful CMOs.

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A Tale Of Two Continents

With the USA in one corner, we have Bloomberg reporting that ‘Apple, Google Urged to Crack Encrypted Phones in Terror Probes

With Europe in the other corner, we have The NYT reporting that ‘Europe, Shaken by Paris Attacks, Weighs Security With Privacy Rights‘, which includes this paragraph … Continue reading A Tale Of Two Continents

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Horace Gets Creative With His Reviews

In the past week, one of my favorite analysts – Horace Dediu – seems to have got his creative mojo on. Today – this was his review of the iPad Pro’s pencil … Continue reading Horace Gets Creative With His Reviews

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A French Perspective

In stark contrast to ‘The Idiot Governors’ of the USA …


Map From Newsweek ]

… this just in from France. (my bold enhancements). Continue reading A French Perspective

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What Is A Church ?

Yet the church, which has 280 members, is fighting to be legally recognized as a religion. The group recently sued the town of Westmoreland (where it is based) for denying it a religious tax exemption on a property donation. It lost: according to the town and the county court that decided the case, the organization doesn’t qualify for tax breaks because it’s political, godless, and simply not a real religion.

[ Source : Quartz ]

Odd – because I was in Las Vegas over the Summer – and there I was introduced to The United Church of Bacon. This from their web site  … Continue reading What Is A Church ?

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Wait – This Is Waaay Too Rational …

We need to shift control of personal data back to the individual. A true ‘Internet Of Me’ in which we own all our data in a way that is secure and private, with the option to allow others to access it in return for some benefit, be it service, convenience or reward.

[ Source : CAPX ]

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