Panoply Media

…. a Podcast Network from Slate Magazine, and so far I would say – you can’t go wrong.

Slate Magazine introduces Panoply, a podcast network that connects sophisticated listeners with top publishers and thinkers.

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Our Collective Experience ….

Wikipedia, Blue Links, Macs, PCs, Software Updates + Downloads, Time Warps, Einstein, User Agreements + Terms and Conditions – in just under 6 minutes.

Eddie in fine form.

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Portrait Of A Sale


Check Out Gaping Void For More Great Observations

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Grids CAN be Fun


I seem to have a lot of grids, spreadsheets and charts in my life at the moment … nice to see that they can be fun. Click through to Kottke for the full 411.

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Micro Payments

… they have to happen. But the US lags, even as the Publishing and Music industries suffer.

Meanwhile, over in The Netherlands, there is a micro-payment company that isn’t just profitable – but saving companies because of their service.

There is a great dialogue here on it and how it works.

Continue reading Micro Payments

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Parental Guidance

Spotted in a store window in Mill Valley this week. Just too good not to share.

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The Secrets To Success – Redux

I wrote this post a couple of days ago, and delighted to report that I got feedback. (Even more delighted that feedback is increasingly happening – so I am obviously hitting the occasional nerve.)

On this occasion, I was reminded by a couple of people about the famous quote attributed to Woody Allen. You know the one that goes “90% (sic) of success is turning up”. It got me to thinking, so I did some checking. Continue reading The Secrets To Success – Redux

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