Platforms. Scamming. Privacy. Infinity. Windoze.

A great, if busy past week that saw me at UC Davis for two days, working with teams of very bright students as part of their Agricultural Innovation Entrepreneurship Academy [ File that under Passion and People ], down at The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, attending VRM Day with Doc Searls and the team that makes up The VRM Project [ Put this one under People ], engaged with My Mentor, a new start up launching in the UK [ this one goes under People and Platforms ] and got invited (and I accepted) to be a featured contributor on BizCatlyst 360 [ In case you are wondering … Passion ]

I have just requested a 3.0 version upgrade on my time module, so once that is installed I will endeavor to write individual posts about some of these topics over the next week.

Meanwhile these are the 5 things that caught my eyes and ears last week. Continue reading Platforms. Scamming. Privacy. Infinity. Windoze.

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Prince. Pantone. Blockchain. Brexit. 1999.

… they all caught my eyes and ears last week

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So. Where Were We ?

I have been ‘PAUSED’ for a couple of weeks. There is a reason. It was a time to stop and rethink what this blog is about. Elsewhere on this site you will find I talk about People, Platforms and Passion. On this blog ? Well, not so much. I started to think and have reduced my thoughts to three points. If my world is all about People, Platforms and Passion – why aren’t I writing about those topics ?

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And With That Said …


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Free Stock Photos [UPDATED]

Adding here, because these are great resources.

First published on Beyond Bridges on December 5th, 2015.

Updated April 8th, 2016
Adding a new link - with a raft more links from my good friends at Canva : More Free Stock Photos. [ Canva BTW - is a pretty cool app - you should go check it out ]

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Apologies …

.. for an earlier post – this one actually.  I have now updated the one thing I agree with in an email I received. Specifically, the reference to a picture of an audience at a GAWR concert as being an example of the sort of crowd one might expect if you tootled along to your average ‘Death Metal’ (sic) show. It turns out that GAWR “operates in the subgenres of thrash, comedy rock and heavy metal.” … and so obviously has “absolutely nothing to do with Death Metal in any shape nor form.”

I agree, so to all offended – please accept my sincere apologies for such an egregious error.

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