Equal Opportunities


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Call Out The Guilty

The victims were ‘we the people’ – then T-Mobile …. Experian are the guilty ones … Can we start naming them more. Please?

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New Rules – 3

If you don’t participate in building something … Then you are not allowed to say afterwards ‘it’s not my fault’.

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Does This Register

Question: What’s the single thing that could change the lives of the most poor people living in America? 

Answer: A better turnout at the polls.

Vox with an interesting analysis of the big reason Congress ignores the poor

… they don’t vote – NextDraft

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British Rail #FAILS

Remember the old days when you used to get onto a train – and it would take you to where you want to go – not any more – privatization they call it – keep it all competitive.

So competitive that should you get on a train with the wrong ticket – well pay a new full price – or get kicked off. 

Apparently it’s not about the people, people.

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Virgin America #FAILS

It seems odd to be acting this post knocking Virgin America in the Virgin Atlantic Lounge in SFO – but I guess the only connection between then is that ‘Virgin’ word.

EMail Received …

We’ve noticed that your Elevate points are set to expire November 30, 2015. There’s still time to hang on to them if you to do one of the following things in the next few months.

  • Grab a seat. Make sure to complete your flights within 5 days of November 30, 2015 to give the points time to post.
  • Earn points with any of our car, hotel, or airline Elevate partners. Keep in mind it can take 4-6 weeks for these points to post.
  • Buy points and top off your account.

In short, keep flying with us and earning with our partners to keep enjoying your points.

In short – rip off. I understand that miles are massive liabilities for the airlines – but even American Airlines aren’t this extreme … whatever happened to motivation?

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Why You Don’t Want to be the Next Uber

The hard truth is that when we employ the idea of the Unicorn as a heuristic to inspire, guide, and shape our limited, priceless effort, imagination, time, and creativity, we are simply limiting ourselves to seeking magic over meaning, convenience over rebellion, riches over worthiness, myopia over a point: all that is the textbook definition of settling for mediocrity.

Here’s what the idea of the Unicorn really does: it infantilizes us with magical fairy dust thinking, focuses us on the short term, prioritizes making money over creating value, and demands that we create instantaneously crowd-pleasing blockbusters — not devote ourselves to our masterpieces.

[ Source : The Unicorn Bubble — Bad Words — Medium ]

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What Is Tesla ?

Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler are working on models that will be competitive with Tesla on technology, and thee U.S. company will soon be just one of several players with similar offerings

… well – it depends if you think that Tesla is a car manufacturer – or battery innovator … and Volkswagen might not be so focussed on this right now ….

[ Source : Tesla Should Be Afraid of German Carmakers – Bloomberg ]

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Unicorns are Made Up By Human Storytellers

You know my opinion about Unicorns – right ? Others seem to be getting on the train …

I am back in Boulder after spending much of the last week in San Francisco at Dreamforce. I’m glad to be back, as I find the current climate in the Bay Area somewhat amusing. The tech media writes and talks breathlessly about Unicorns.  Startup employees get obsessed with valuations, rather than per share price value.

“Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway took 18 years to become a Unicorn” – good stuff – click through for the 411.

[ Source : | Bart Lorang , CEO – Full Contact]

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Mandelson – You Are Gone – Shut Up

We’re fortunate to have Mandelson’s input – it tells us what’s gone wrong with the party in the past. Now, with Corbyn’s mandate, we have the chance to set that right

“Thank you, Lord Mandelson – but does Labour need your advice on Corbyn?”

[ Source : Bryan Gould : The Guardian ]

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