A River Runs Through It.

ariverrunsthroughitFor a while now, I have been building a parallel set of thoughts which now has a permanent home here. It is a set of thoughts that live between the 140 characters of Twitter and this space which I am transitioning to more of an original thought / essay space. Continue reading “A River Runs Through It.”

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Generational Categorization Akin To Astrology

jobhopping1Many people question classifying people’s behavior based on what month they were born in (we call that Astrology folk), but are ‘totally down’ with dropping entire generations into behavioral buckets.

My favorite … “Millennials job hop. Boomers don’t.”

Balderdash. Continue reading “Generational Categorization Akin To Astrology”

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He Died Five Years Ago Today

… and though this version alone has – of writing – been viewed nearly 9 million times – it never fails to inspire.

Watch It.

Read It.

Continue reading “He Died Five Years Ago Today”

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Criminally Delicious


My friend Seth Sundberg has just announced that his new Prison Bars are available. I know it has been a long journey and only now is he really getting started, but I have to say – they are great tasting – and healthy. (If you know me – you will know I put heavy weighting on that first criteria – not so much on the second …


Continue reading “Criminally Delicious”

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Our Energy Challenge. Crisis or Opportunity?

You will have heard me talk about gleXnet in the past. A company focussed on the Future of Work. Delighted to read today that they have sponsored – once again – The Energy 2012 survey. Continue reading “Our Energy Challenge. Crisis or Opportunity?”

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Apple Is Doomed … Again !

Add Jason Calacancis to the legions that quite simply don’t get Apple. I am sure Jason know’s a lot about a lot. He is definitely way more famous than I am … and probably richer … so he must know what he is talking about …. right? Sorry, on this occasion – I disagree.

He published this on LinkedIN today detailing the six reasons why ‘smart folks’ are worried about apple. Continue reading “Apple Is Doomed … Again !”

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I know scams continue because people still … STILL … fall for it … but really – even ones like these ? Continue reading “Scamming”

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