Oct 29 2014

a testing post

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Oct 29 2014

As Much As I Complain About The Bad – I LOVE To Promote The Good

Feedly_Logo@DaveWiner is a man that I do not know – but read a lot of his words – and generally am in agreement with his ideas and principles. It was Dave that finally inspired me to close down Facebook. The walled garden, taking my content, it all is fine – but I found myself ONLY posting there – and ignoring my other channels.

But all that’s old news. This morning reading through my daily feeds (provided by the mighty Feedly organization) I saw this post right at the top of the page … BRILLIANT – true Netizens working for the common good.

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Oct 27 2014

Customer Experience Is The New Battlefield …

the-future-of-workGartner catching up on what certain companies have been doing – and talking about – for quite a few years now …

.. thank god Gartner have confirmed it !

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Oct 25 2014

Airlines and Standards

JP-FractalTwo observations as I sit on the JFK tarmac waiting for my Virgin America to take off.

The first centers around weather sophistication. Here on Virgin we are taking off just 4 hours and Thirty I minutes after the advertised time – apparently due to bad weather in SFO. A phone call ahead told me that there had indeed been rain falling in the early hours of the day – but not now – and likely not in the 5 or so hours that will pass before we land. So what’s that about ?

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Oct 25 2014


UnknownI love Medium – the layout, simplicity, excellence of content – such as this piece.

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Oct 25 2014

I am closing Facebook…

This Changes Nothing… It is time I took back control of my content. Not yet worked out the end to end workflow – but this blog is going to be revitalized – and tweeted to all. Enjoy.

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Oct 12 2014


Eyeglasses on Open BookAnywhere you are in the networks today – at a stroke – you can share / repost / reference back to that article adding pithy commentary as you go.

Except the most powerful one – The Blog.

Why is that ?

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Mar 02 2014

For $99 Your Car Can Become a ‘Thing’ On The Internet

Automatic strikes me as being more than a little bit clever. It ties your smart phone to your car using the same port that your mechanic uses to diagnose problems.

Follow at Twitter

Check Out Their Web Site – I can’t believe that they got the ‘automatic’ domain

Link Automatic to IFTTT –  and read about it here 

This is going to be really interesting …

Oh – and iBeacon enabled

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Feb 22 2014

Losing The Plot

UnknownI worry that when Black Pixel FINALLY come out with a syncable News Reader (first hinted out here) … it is going to be too little – too late – that said – I am not aware of any other good Mac client for RSS – are you ?

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Feb 20 2014

Snow in Florida

Time to move this blog into more of a life narrative – sometimes it is way too serious.For Example …

Seeing snow out your window? You’re not the only one. There is currently snow on the ground in 49 out of 50 states. Florida is only state without a trace of fresh, white powder (and that’s the first time anyone has said that about Florida).

… This courtesy of Dave Pell’s Next Draft

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